B Company, 5th Battalion Play Test Games

After-action reports from play test games

Whole Map
The entire peninsula, initial positions with tweezers

The game is currently undergoing through development play testing at Metro Seattle Gamers; ConsimWorld Expo in Tempe, Arizona; Dragonflight in Seattle, Washington; Game On! in Issaquah, Washington; Bottoscon in Vancouver, BC; and GMT in the Warehouse in Hanford, California; and the San Diego Historical Games Convention. I tested some early drafts at Paddington Bears in Sydney, including an early platoon-level prototype.

The photos on this page are from Dragonflight in August 2013. I played the historical scenario on the full map, checking that historical decisions lead to roughly historical outcomes. The first photo shows the whole map printed as a poster. Anzac Cove is at the top left near the map key, Helles is at the bottom left. Achi Baba (Day One goal for the British) is the first orangey hill about 20 hexes North-East of Helles. The Anzac goal is Chunnuk Bair, the obvious multicolored hilltop close to the top (North) edge. The campaign goal, the forts, are at the pointy bit on the mid-right, just above the tweezers. The Dardanelles is only four hexes wide at this point. I have added an outline of the Asiatic shore to the map to highlight the narrow width.

The full AAR is here.

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