B Company, 5th Battalion Map

The map shown here is an early playtest map. GMT is in the process of converting it to the production map. The scale is 400m per hex and 50m contour intervals - large enough to cover the whole peninsula, small enough to show details of the hilly regions.

Full Map

General Notes

The map is based on the 1922 British Ordnance Survey. I therefore had to take care to exclude roads that were built late in the campaign, or even after its conclusion. I obtained digital copies of the maps from the Australian War Memorial (you can buy them too, just go to their website!), then stitched them together as a background in Adobe Illustrator. I used that to assign spot heights to all hexes, trace the coastline, and place ridge and gully hexsides. I also looked at some ex-Soviet army maps of Turkey, but the scale was too small. Detailed topo maps of Turkey are hard to obtain, the army treats them as secret (which makes the fact that you can easily buy ex-Soviet military maps of Turkey so ironic!).

The full play test map is shown at left.

The fragment of the map below shows the area around Anzac. The planned landing site was Z Beach, however they landed at points A, B, C and D. The goal on the first day was from Koja Chemen Tepe down Gun Ridge to Gaba Tepe. However, they never got beyond the line from the Neck, past Quinn's, just West of The Cup, and following the ridge to the sea.

Excerpt Anzac Cove