3bn Dragonflight Play Test

A solitaire demonstration game at Dragonflight in August 2013

Overview at Helles
Overview at Helles
W Beach
W Beach
Disaster at V
V Beach
Initial Rush at Anzac
The Initial rush at Anzac

Dragonflight August 2013

I played the historical scenario on the full map, checking that historical decisions lead to roughly historical outcomes.

The first photo shows an overview of the situation at Helles after Game Turn 2 (i.e. 2 hours real world time). From the British point of view, X Beach is going well, W Beach is pushing inland with heavy losses, but V Beach only has some demoralised survivors huddled under the sea wall. There is a large deadpile to the right in Saros Bay. S Beach is yet to be resolved. The Ottoman situation is not as good as it first appears, because most of their units are Platoons. They therefore can only defend in place, or retreat to a defined rally point - which is historically all they could do. In 1915, only battalions (rarely companies) were ever given independent orders. The Great Ottoman Hope is the remainder of the 26th Regiment in reserve at Krithia, half-way up the map. However, some of them must screen the landing at Y Beach — if those troops can maintain their command then they will very quickly overrun Krithia and Achi Baba.

The next two photos are close-ups of W and V Beaches. The sled to the right of V is SS Clyde, with MGs on the forecastle. Notice the single MGs at either end of W Beach, with barbed wired everywhere.

The final photo shows Anzac after one turn. The Ottoman platoons on Plugge's and the foothills of the 400 plateau have been overrun, and the 3rd Brigade is moving up Shrapnel Gully towards Baby 700. The Australians chose to ignore Russel's Plateau and try to outflank it via Malone's Ridge, hence the Ottoman platoon entrenched on Russel's.

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